Dental Health

Restorative pain free dental treatment is getting more popular in the Australia as people become more conscious of the modern dental treatments available. People want to avoid pain, and go for more holistic and less invasive treatments, while maintaining effective procedures for maintaining oral hygiene. Many people are also resorting to cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics for achieving a beautiful smile. Orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry are branches of dentistry that focus on the aesthetic appearance of a person’s teeth and jaws. Some cosmetic dentists even claim that their services to offer more benefits than braces, implants, and root canals.

Orthodontics, also called maxillofacial orthopedics or maxillofacial surgery, is a division of dentistry that involves the diagnosis, treatment, prevention of conditions, diseases, and abnormalities of the jaw, face, and neck. Some of its many areas of specialization include rehabilitation of patients after malocclusion, curettage, periodontal diseases, post-operative oral hygiene, rehabilitation of oral grossness and malocclusion, and orthodontic injuries. Gum disease is one condition that orthodontics can help people with. Gum disease may be caused by several factors such as poor oral hygiene, gum recession, diabetes, genetics, trauma, smoking, poor diet, poor oral hygiene among others. Your dentist will be able to tell you whether your condition is mild or severe. If it is severe, then you may include braces or other appliances as an option to solve your problem.

Crowns and bridges are also among the various restorative dental treatments that are used. Crowns and bridges are composed of porcelain crowns that are fixed on the front surface of the tooth. Bridges are pieces of dental treatment that are fused between two crowns to restructure the tooth. An anesthetic will be used during this process so as to prevent pain while your dentist works on your teeth.